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For Wisdom Senior Care, a leading Home Care company in Durham, North Carolina, business growth and expansion with double-digit sales growth came with a cost: an overburdened owner who threatened to stop the vision and loss of market share.

Our efforts vastly improved the company’s branding, the development of a target market, planning, and executive functions. The owner knew that to succeed in the industry, their accounting systems needed to be much more robust than what they were. They turned to wEquipu to develop a growth strategy and put it into place


The biggest challenge was reassessing Wisdom Senior Care’s vision and rebranding the business with marketing strategies that worked for sales growth. Too much of the operation’s work was still being handled by the owner, which meant that the team members were lost in the concrete vision of the company. Proper financial data was also not available, and decisions could only be made after a thorough analysis of all the required data. The situation was holding Wisdom Senior Care back. The owner knew her company could corner more of the market if they could get professional help in growing the business. The work addressed three critical issues for Wisdom Senior Care:

  • Improved sales with rebranding & marketing strategies

    To enhance branding, the team focused their efforts on reshaping what the company was about, as well as defined the business core values and philosophy. They also reassessed the marketing strategies and reviewed the current sales planning process. By mapping the client’s needs and desires, lead generation and conversion allowed sales growth.

  • Developed operations and systems for productivity

    With the growing senior population and increased regulations, operation and procedure clarification was a must for Wisdom Senior Care. Technology was used to simplify the processes and allow better productivity of the team. The teams needed proper accounting to provide timely data for decision making.We also identified gaps in the operations infrastructure and were able to quickly understand the analytical services processes.

  • Determined business development strategies for growth

    Our assessment determined the stressors that affected sales and service levels. The teams focused on resolving issues for business development and expansion as the current activities were stressing the entire company.  There were decreased profit margins as well as many obstacles in the way of forward growth.


The solution wEquipu provided combined results-oriented marketing strategies with real-world practicality. Everyone involved knew that the company needed a turnaround; the real challenge was getting everyone on board for changes without negatively disrupting the whole organization. The solution was to introduce a clear vision and to use new software tools to develop a workload management system – all while providing high-quality services.

The process allowed Wisdom Senior Care to put into place a growth from within the business.  This offered real opportunities to workers to be involved and everyone working together to grow the business.


Today, Wisdom Senior Care employees are more empowered; Wisdom Senior Care is growing as a franchise offering like-minded individuals to build businesses in local communities. A business culture was developed, allowing Wisdom Senior Care to establish a family of Wisdom Business Owners. Newly developed marketing materials gave strong visibility online as well as off-line. Wisdom was also able to expand into an educational business to train people interested in health care and particularly in Homecare.

The efforts 1) vastly improved the company’s planning for expansion, 2) created and implemented a new hiring process which included training,  3) streamlined the accounting and financial data, and 4) reduced risk in decision making.

By partnering with wEquipu, Senior Wisdom Care was able to:

  • Increase lead generation by 43%
  •  Decrease non-qualified caregivers by 50%
  • Lower the risk of misbranding by 95%
  • Increase sales by 65%
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The wEquipu team was instrumental in putting in place an incentive program for our franchisee. We are still using the innovative approach they helped us develop for team incentives.

Mary-Ann Hall
President & CEO, Right Time Kids Franchise

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