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For Right Time Kids, a leading child care center, lead generation and sales growth struggles developed due to owner burn out. The owner was trying to handle everything by himself and losing market share.

wEquipu efforts vastly improved the company’s lead generation planning and execution of incentives to engage all team players. The owner understood that professional business development was the solution for his business to succeed.


The biggest challenges were that Right Time Kids didn’t have a strong team in place and they were not utilizing a consistent marketing strategy.  Too much of the work was done with a focus on business fundamentals for growth. They did not have electronic recording or tracking software which allowed for efficient data collection and analysis.  This record keeping can be overwhelming for a business owner but is necessary. Numbers took a long time to be collected and analyzed. Live data was also not available to determine if lead generation was working or not working.  The overall situation was holding back Right Time Kids’ growth and losing market share. Our engagement with the business addressed two critical issues :

  • Developed Lead Generation & Conversion Strategies :

    The team focused their efforts on developing five lead generation strategies for Right Time Kids. We put in place an executive plan to increase sales by using marketing scripts when on a call with a prospective client.

    The team defined appropriate levels of budgeted sales in the local area by mapping concise market research for the target market and the most critical KPIs.

  • Build the team:

    Being a child care center, parents expect compassionate and trained team members. Team members need to be compassionate with the children, but also responsive about supporting the business.  Right Time Kids needed new management with a proper method to hire, manage, and retain team members which is not an easy task. Team member incentive programs were put in place to challenge the employees.  Actual sales were then tracked and compared to the forecasted sales.

  • Improved facility layout and play areas

    The original conversion rate was initially quite low at this facility.  For regulation and security purposes, Right Time Kids needed upgrades to enhance parents’ confidence and trust in caring for their children. After developing an in depth understanding of what parents were looking for in a child care center, several things took place to enhance sales.  There was a revision of the business procedures, redesigned facility layout, and review of the effectiveness of the current toys and play equipment. If parents were excited about Right Time Kids, they would refer other parents to this business.

    Supply and demand variability applies to any business. The diagnostic we performed determined the factors that affected sales and service levels. The team focused on resolving issues affecting a higher level of quality service.


The solution wEquipu developed combined competition crushing marketing strategies with cutting edge internet marketing tools. We changed management in order to consistently implement and execute the strategy.  Our team developed a long-term incentive plan to boost productivity and retain employees who fight for long-term growth of the company. The owner was offered a plan to transition from working in the business to being the visionary. Not everyone was ready to embrace the new strategies. We helped those who wanted to change and let go of those employees who were negatively disrupting the organization.

The solution was to introduce a new dynamic that affected all the stakeholders and allow workers to grow.


Right Time Kids team is now more empowered.   Parents also see the improvements provided to their children. Other Right Time Kids locations adopted the incentive program for more productivity and  lead generation. The owner got more time for himself to run other businesses. They can now make confident decisions based on the latest real-time data.

The effort improved the company’s work environment, planning, and execution of strategies. A duplication was easy to implement in other locations.

By partnering with wEquipu, Right Time Kids was able to

  • Reduce unsatisfied parents by 73%
  • Decrease employee turnaround by 55%
  • Lower the risk of bankruptcy by 95%
  • Increase sales by 48%
  • More than five years using the same incentive program
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The wEquipu team was instrumental in putting in place an incentive program for our franchisee. We are still using the innovative approach they helped us develop for team incentives.

Mary-Ann Hall
President & CEO, Right Time Kids Franchise

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