The wEquipu team was instrumental in putting in place an incentive program for our franchisee. We are still using the innovative approach they helped us develop for team incentives.

Mary-Ann Hall
President & CEO, Right Time Kids Franchise

I was skeptical in the beginning but was referred to wEquipu by my financial advisor. The sessions are of great value for my two businesses. They laid out things I knew were needed but it was an eye opener working through the challenges. The meetings bring you vast knowledge for your business and are extremely helpful to prep you to keep moving.

Allan Watson
President & CEO, Global Solutions Inc

My business turnaround wouldn’t have been possible without wEquipu expertise in revamping my business growth with strategies and tactics I was not aware of as a business owner.

Dewey Brown
Owner, Right Time Kids Raleigh

The team has a remarkable business acumen that challenged me to optimize my potential to take my business to the next level. Growth is painful, and the team’s resolute, strategic methodologies encouraged me to stay with it. I am happy I did, and the results have been most rewarding!

Carolyn Stroud
CEO, Vigor BioPharma Solutions

I couldn’t stay away from my business without a fear of everything going wrong. Achille N. wEquipu helped me find time for myself by leveraging team building, putting procedures and systems into place, and expanding my business into a franchise.

Carolyn Thurston
President & CEO, Wisdom Senior Care Franchise

Eye opening on why small businesses fail within the first years. Working with the wEquipu team provides me with an external organization and resources that I can rely on any time to grow a sustainable business.

Scott Ziegler
CEO, MrLaundromat

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