If you came all the way to this page, it’s probably because you have been struggling to find your niche or understand your target market for productive marketing investment. Your prospects have needs and wants that need to be addressed in a language that will compel them to partner with your ideas, solutions and ultimately, your business.


This book will help you communicate with your prospects using their emotional language and understanding. It will also help you invest your time and money wisely in order to understand your potential clients’ needs and desires. From infancy to adulthood, we continually market to each other to get what we want. Infants, from conception, know how to garner attention. They kick their mothers inside the womb. Once born, they cry when their diapers are wet or when they are hungry. As children, often without external influence, we know how to nicely and innocently talk to each other to create mutually beneficial situations and get what we want. Growing up, we know how to talk to our parents when we want something. In dating, we work to please and attract one another to get what we want. We do the same in marriage.This book is a vital component of your business differentiation in your marketplace. It will set up your marketing messages to create a marketing comparative advantage for your business. No matter what lead generation, lead qualification and lead conversion strategies you choose for your business, the way you speak to connect with your prospects matters. Whatever distribution channels, strategies and tactics you embrace for your business, the 5 steps in this book will take your prospect from ignorance to awareness, into the decision making process and through to the close. They will separate your business from your competition.

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