How to Understand The Creation Of Powerful Offers For Your Business

Focus on using powerful offers to generate leads, not to close sales.

Powerful offers start from capturing your audience’s attention and then, drive the audience to take action. Different strategies can be used in your business to do a myriad of things with your prospects. From moving old or overstocked products, overcoming buyer objections, eliminating purchase risk, or even just building your customer database, powerful offers are à great way to approach your audience.

Well-crafted offers are also fantastic lead generators – and we’re going to focus on the philosophy behind in this blog. In this case, the offer is designed to capture potential customers’ attention to identify themselves, not to close sales. Once those potential customers have identified themselves, they enter the formal sales process and you can convert them into a loyal customer. They accomplish this by taking action to redeem your business’s offer.

The right offers are designed to be lead generators and drive more qualified prospects to your business. They weed out the buyers that you want anyway because they take advantage of your offer and never buy again. Those buyers are à waste of your time and investment because they are not otherwise a part of your target market. We are going to show you how to speak to your target market’s emotional switches to take action with your business instead of simply crafting an offer based on financial savings or bonuses. We will be covering the principles and elements that make an offer persuasif.  Are you ready!

Keep in mind that when it comes to marketing and ads, your business is à laboratory of strategies to test and measure with your powerful offers.

A powerful offer is irresistible and persuasive to your ideal potential customers’ emotional triggers or switches. They are motivators.

In simple terms, a powerful offer gets people to respond, or take action. It will provide enough motivation for the ideal prospects to pick up the phone, visit your website, or walk into your store.

Often, powerful offers are called addictions offers because they seem too good to pass up. Think about Apple when they are putting their products out. They make your target audience think or tell themselves loud, “Wow! This is the chance I’ve been waiting for!” or, “I’d be crazy not to take advantage of this deal!”

Using emotional switches in your offer and in your headlines and copywriting, which we’ll cover in à different blog, will drive qualified prospects to your business. This process will make the job of converting customers into repeat business easier and more cost effective. Today, artificial machines, artificial intelligence understand these principles about us. And algorithms are built with these human principles in them.

A powerful offer will take in account elements of urgency or scarcity as key triggers for action. The offer hits first the ideal prospects’ problems, frustrations, fears and challenges. 

If our client Right Time Kids offered “2 for 1 siblings child care” every day of the year, chances are I wouldn’t have a stampede of prospects at my door. I would likely draw a few new clients a week, but the majority of those who saw the offer – even if they were interested – would probably put it off for later.

When you create an offer for lead generation, you want your prospect to take action as soon as possible. Now, let’s face it, we’re all procrastinators at heart, so you have to give your audience a reason to take action without delay.

So, instead of just “2 for 1 siblings child care services,” the owner could offer, “2 for 1 siblings child care services, Mother’s Day weekend – 20 spots available, book your appointment today!”. Then, he duplicates the same on Father’s Day weekend. This offer has an element of urgency – the offer is only valid for a two-day period – and scarcity – there are a limited number of appointments during those two days.

As a child care business or even Pets care business, here are some other ways à business owner could use scarcity or urgency to make the offer compelling:

Strategy Scarcity / Urgency Example
Limited time offer Urgency 2 for 1 siblings child care- Mondays from 1pm to 4pm.
Limited supplies available Scarcity Free! Child care Day gift ($50 value) with purchase for the first 20 customers on Mother’s Day.
Seasonal specials Urgency Mother’s Day Special: bring one child, with the sibling free on any child service in our Day Care on Mother’s Day weekend only.
Free gift with action Scarcity Bring your child in with the free sibling care on Mother’s Day, and receive a bonus pack, worth $45, absolutely free!
Daily deal Urgency Book an appointment with us by the end of the day, and we’ll add on a free care for your child sibling or relative.

So now, understand the principle behind add and use it in your growing business to capture your ideal customers attention and lead them to action.


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